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Interviews: Blancpain-Series to distribute up to 1.5 m € in cash in 2015; plans for unique new race series (by Dr. Werner Koch) 2014/10/24
Words: Dr. Werner Koch; Pictures: Manfred Muhr, Koenigsegg

Interview Stéphane Ratel: Profit Center, Market Situation, Budgets and Future Aspects of GT Racing (by Dr. Werner Koch) 2014/07/08

motorsport-guide Interview with Jean Todt, President of the FIA (by Dr. Werner Koch) 2014/01/15
Words: Dr. Werner Koch, Wolfgang Sievernich

Full speed ahead (by Wolfgang Monsehr) 2011/05/30
Drag racing is the second most popular form of motorsport in America after stockcars. Its history with Wally Parks is every bit as colourful as NASCAR and its founder Bill France. We take a look at the history of this typical American sport and its development.
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Investment in F1 will rev Texas economy 2011/05/23
The impact of building the F1 race track south of Austin
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New Audi R18: Hard top (by Michael Hackethal) 2011/03/31
Following on from the extremely successful R15, Audi Sport brings the newly ­developed R18 to Le Mans and turns away from an open cockpit.
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Small engine, big impact (by Heiko Stritzke) 2011/03/22
The FIA Global Race Engine will be used for the first time in the 2011 season. The Chevrolet case shows how an almost entirely new car is created around a new engine. After all, it is not the done thing to install a new engine in an old car.
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Carbon Compounds in Lamborghini High-Performance Cars (by Michael Hackethal) 2011/02/15
Interview with Luciano De Oto, Head of Lamborghini Advanced Composite Research Center
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Fastest tusker in the world (by Michael Hackethal) 2010/11/18
The Lancia Stratos is going to be 40 and still looks young. A chiselled achiever in retrospect.
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Dutch importer for GT4 Camaros (by René de Boer) 2010/11/13
Equipe Verschuur sells Riley Camaro in Europa, price 150,000 Euros

New Dakar contender from Germany (by Jörg Sand) 2010/11/13
Sven Knorr has started a project based on a Mercedes ML to give Dakar teams an even harder competition in the future. He even plans to sell cars to customer teams.
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Return Item – The Basics of Valve Spring Design 2009/11/12
Valve springs are highly stressed and subject to cyclic loading. Their reliability is critical and it is therefore essential that they are well designed as Tom Sharp explains
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ING Renault F1 Team Reduces Composite Part Development Time 2009/09/08
Up to 30% savings by coupling software and services
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Shedding light (by Ian Bamsey) 2008/11/26
Where is Formula One heading, Ian Bamsey asks
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Going with the flow (by Ian Bamsey) 2008/10/28
Porsche has a long history of synchromesh racing gearboxes; now it has embraced conventional competition technology for its Prototype and GT racers. Ian Bamsey asked, why and how?
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The Ford fight-back (by Ian Bamsey) 2008/09/16
Ian Bamsey investigates the new Ford Midget SprintCar engine
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LMP1: Diesel versus Gasoline. 2008/08/05
Ian Bamsey takes a look at the different fuels at Le Mans.
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The Grand Prix car, 2008 (by Ian Bamsey) 2008/06/07
Ian Bamsey considers contemporary Formula One powertrain technology
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Lighting it up (by Ian Bamsey) 2008/06/07
Ian Bamsey considers the technology of spark plugs and injectors for contemporary racing engines
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Stock block prototypes are back (by Ian Bamsey) 2008/03/11
Prototype racing is set to embrace production-based engine technology once more. If this is a ploy to encourage GT foes GM and Aston Martin to step up and challenge for outright honours at Le Mans it already looks to be succeeding. Hot on the heels of the announcement of new, GT engine-friendly Le Mans Prototype regulations came announcement of a factorysupported Lola-Aston Martin LMP1 coupe.
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A NEW LMP2 PATH? (by Ian Bamsey) 2008/01/14
Is the future of the Le Mans LMP2 category in production-based engines?
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Life at 19 (by Ian Bamsey) 2007/12/05
Ian Bamsey discusses recent Formula One engine development with the head of Renault’s 2.4 litre V8 programme, Rob White
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Grid – Keeping a constant check on the pulse of the racing powertrain world 2007/10/03
Diesel power in the WTCC
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Class of 2007 (by Ian Bamsey) 2007/09/14
Ian Bamsey assesses the state of the Grand Prix art in a season characterised by the introduction of not only a spec tyre but also a 19,000 rpm rev limit and a frozen engine specification.
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Compression or Spark? (by Ian Bamsey) 2007/07/05
What are the pros and cons of diesel versus gasoline? Ian Bamsey asks John Judd.
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Future Days (by Ian Bamsey) 2007/06/01
How Formula One is moving slowly but surely towards a revival of engine development
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Big Bang for Grass 2007/05/24
Powertec Engineering has developed a Hayabusa engine with unequal firing for a Radical single seater.
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Rally-Raid: comparison between 2006 and 2007 suspension corners of the Mitsubishi Pajero 2007/05/24
The Repsol-Mitsubishi won the 28th Dakar 2006/07 for the 12th time. CRP Technology delivered parts for the suspension and describe their improvements compared to the 2006 model.
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Flybrid takes flight (by Ian Bamsey) 2007/03/23
Former Renault engineers develop energy savers for the Formula One.
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Prancing Horse Power (by Ian Bamsey) 2007/03/07
Ian Bamsey in conversation with Ferrari engine guru Paolo Martinelli
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Spy in the Plenum (by Ian Bamsey) 2007/02/19
Ian Bamsey investigates the Stack-developed scrutineering system that ensures competitors conform to the ACO.
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Honda (by Ian Bamsey) 2007/02/01
An insight to the Honda F1 engine
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Where F1 meets production engines 2005/03/07

Winning Wheels (by Ian Bamsey) 2004/09/24
Ian Bamsey looks at the design and development of the wheels used by Ferrari in Formula One
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Executive Summary of Motorsport Market Research Reports 2004 2004/09/23
Study on motorsport markets in France, Germany and Italy
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Richard Childress Racing Brings GM's SB2 Engine Into Digital World 2004/08/20
RCR uses new form of reverse engineering to fine-tune engines
by Bob Cramblitt

Prodrive gets help with Ferrari wing development 2004/07/30

Formula Student 2004 Overall Results Class 1 2004/07/21

Competitive Advantage Through Software Track Simulation 2004/06/17
Today?s software for racing teams is able to reduce time and costs for the cars? setup. MSC Software shows how this can be achieved.

The Aussies are coming! 2004/05/24
The University of Queensland's new Formula SAE challenger features a 'solid spool' rather than a conventional differential and will feature at this year's Formula Student contest. How does it go? Pat Clarke found out.

Series: motor sport abroad - CAMSO V8 late models 2004/02/01

Car industry not fully exploiting web service 2004/02/01